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Chaplains visit patients and family members who request chaplain services during the admission process or during their stay at the hospital. Chaplain volunteers offer a presence that is supportive, affirming, consoling and positive. The chaplain does not lead the patient in conversation or activity but instead listens to the patient and acts in a supportive capacity. Hospital staff can help put patients and families in contact with a member of the Chaplain Services staff.

People suitable to serve as a volunteer chaplain include anyone in a church leadership, service or ministry position. This includes pastors, elders, deacons, parish nurses, Sunday school teachers and others. Because volunteer chaplains represent Bothwell Regional Health Center while performing these services, they must be moral, mature and act in a professional and self-composed manner. The person must fill out an application and undergo a background check in addition to completing training provided by the health center.

For more information on our Chaplain Services, please contact Denise Hoffmann at 660-827-9134 or e-mail dhoffmann@brhc.org.