2018 Healthy U

The application for 2018 Healthy U students is now closed.

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Healthy U is a community wellness program designed to inspire and motivate Pettis County residents to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Most people know they need to exercise and make healthier nutrition choices to lose weight. But, gaining the motivation to make healthy lifestyle changes is the most difficult. The Pettis County Healthy Living Action Group, a sub committee of the Sedalia/Pettis County Blue Ribbon Vision Steering Committee, has developed a pilot project that will harness the powerfully motivating effects of inspiration and incremental success. The project, dubbed “Healthy U,” is about changing the lives of a dozen individuals who work or reside in Pettis County and, through them, motivating and inspiring many others to make long-term changes for healthier lifestyles.

Healthy U includes:

•A year-long, highly visible weight-loss competition for 12 people chosen through an application process. The 12 Healthy U participants are paired with a fitness mentor and a nutrition coach, and document their journey through media, social media and community events. 
•A Community Couch to 5K program, March-April 
•Public cooking demonstrations and grocery store tours
•Moving 101 community events promoting physical activity