My stay at Bothwell was a great experience.


Meet the O’Connell Family

Tim and Sami O’Connell of Marshall, Missouri live anything but a normal life together, as Tim’s career keeps him on the road over 230 days a year. Tim rodeos professionally for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and has qualified for the world championship the last 5 years. He is the 2016, 2017 and 2018 reining bareback champion.
Rodeo is more than a career for Tim. It is the way of life for the O’Connells. Both grew up around the sport and is how Tim and Sami’s paths crossed. They say it was fate when they both attended Missouri Valley College to compete on the college rodeo team. They fell in love and were married in October 2015. Sami continued to compete in barrel racing until they decided to start a family.
It was Fourth of July weekend and Sami didn’t feel right. She decided to go by the doctor’s office at lunch, as she was planning on going out with friends that weekend. While Sami was still on her lunch break, she received the news… she was expecting.
“When I found out I was pregnant, I was shaking with excitement. I had dropped Tim off at the airport the night before and wouldn’t see him for three weeks. I ended up facetiming him as I couldn’t wait to share the news.”
When it came to her prenatal care, Sami knew she wanted to use Bothwell OB/GYN after a family friend had suggested the clinic. She had previously met Dr. Bill Smith during a well-woman exam and immediately connected with him, as he also came from a country background. Over the next 9 months, Sami and Tim developed a relationship with Dr. Smith and his nurse Patty King.
As an OB/GYN I get to build a relationship with my patients over the course of their 9-month pregnancy like no other physician. I get to watch the women and baby develop over time and then be there when they become a mother.” – Dr. Bill Smith
On a crisp spring morning, Tim and Sami arrived at the hospital. It had been decided that Sami would be induced if their son hadn’t made his appearance by March 2. Throughout the day, the nurses and staff at Bothwell cared for the O’Connells and developed a plan for the delivery. When the time came for their son to make his entrance into the world, it didn’t go quite as planned.
Our son was kind of blue, and I noticed he wasn’t making any noise. I saw Dr. Smith’s hand reach up near his neck and the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice.”
As the Bothwell nursing staff took the O’Connell’s son across the room to check his lungs, Tim and Sami heard him cry for the first time. The quick and calm action by Dr. Smith and the nursing staff kept Tim and Sami calm, as they knew their child was in good hands. Soon, their son Hazen Jeffrey was in Sami’s arms.
When I saw my son’s face for the first time, it’s hard to put the feeling into words. It’s this instant love that you didn’t know you were capable of.”
Throughout their stay at Bothwell, the O’Connells loved the staff and especially their day nurse, who stayed past her shift, pushing off dinner plans to be there for Hazen’s birth. Beyond the nurses, doctors and staff, Sami and Tim enjoyed the up-to-date facilities at Bothwell including the in-room infant care in the labor/delivery rooms and the additional security in the Women’s Health unit.
Today, the O’Connells are adjusting to their new lives as mom and dad.
Life has been really great as a new mom. He brings a new joy to our life as everything is new and exciting for him. When I can tell Hazen is happy, I am happy.”
Sami could have gone anywhere to have her baby.
She chose Dr. Smith and Bothwell OB/GYN.
Sami holding and kissing her baby Hazen
The O'connells spending time together at their home
O'connells family portrait
O'connells and Dr. Smith Together at Bothwell

Sami’s OB/GYN

DR. Bill Smith
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As an obstetrician/gynecologist, I am in a unique position to get to know my patients like no other. I have the opportunity to watch a couple grow as a family and it gives me a great joy and satisfaction knowing I played a part in their life.”
Dr. Bill Smith is an obstetrician/gynecologist at Bothwell Regional Health Center. Smith attended medical school at the University of South Dakota in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He completed his residency at the University of Missouri – Columbia School of Medicine in Columbia, Missouri.