Access to your health information is at your fingertips

Hospitals and clinics nationwide use patient portals to house important patient documents, medical information and as a channel of communication between medical staff and patients. MyBothwellHealth, Bothwell Regional Health Center’s patient portal, rolled out in 2015 and has made access to health information and communication more efficient.

Natalie Sims, Bothwell’s Health Information Management director, said the patient portal is a great tool for patients to know what medications their provider has prescribed, treatment options, future appointments and other health information.

“The portal provides a secure and easy way to manage and stay on top of your health care,” she said. “It can be accessed on a computer or through an app on your phone. Patients can request current medication refills, view current and past health information from most clinics and the hospital, view lab results, radiology reports, provider notes, current conditions, medications, and allergies and immunizations, as well as a see visit history at any Bothwell facility. It also features a health summary that provides a quick glance at your most current information from demographics to treatment.”

Warsaw resident Cathy Tealbend expressed her excitement about all MyBothwellHealth has to offer and how she can use it anytime, anywhere.

“I love the portal,” Tealbend said. “I can communicate with my doctor and the nurses quickly and view my labs after they are complete. The portal allows me to look at anything I need, without bugging the office. The only time I have to call is to make an appointment.”

One of her favorite tools within MyBothwellHealth includes the messaging capability between medical staff and the patient. Patients can communicate with participating providers through the portal by sending a message with questions regarding care and medications, though this should not be used in emergency situations.

“I take advantage of the messaging the most,” she said. “I can have quick and efficient communication with my provider about my care and ensure my prescription is refilled even when I am out of town for months at a time.”

Sims said creating an account and using the portal is simple.

“To sign up for MyBothwellHealth, patients must have an email address in our electronic records system,” she said. “This can be entered by hospital or clinic staff at the time of registration. Your access can be completed at that time or you can self-enroll later. To self-enroll, visit to create an account. If the required information does not match our system, you will need to contact Health Information Management at 660.827.9590 for assistance.”

As a portal user, individuals also have the ability to pay their bill completely online by following the link and using the statement number on their bill. Having physical copies of medical records is also easier, as patients can download and print off current and past documents anytime, free of charge.

New systems can be challenging to learn and understand, which is why Bothwell designed MyBothwellHealth to be as simple to use as possible. All a patient needs to access the portal is a computer, tablet or cell phone.

“I don’t know if enough people know about the portal and what it has to offer,” Tealbend said. “I know navigating technology can be difficult for some, but once you learn how to use the portal, it is simple. Ask any of your health care providers and they will walk you through the process.”

For portal assistance, contact Health Information Management between 8 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday by calling 660.827.9590 or emailing