Special Projects

Patient Room Remodel Project

The Special Prospects and Annual Support committees both elected to raise funds to remodel patient rooms in the 24-bed Medical and Surgical Unit on 2 Southwest and the 16-bed Progressive Care Unit. The room remodel will provide amenities and features promoting warmth, comfort, well-being and recovery.
Design and amenity enhancements include:

  • Artistic wall murals behind patient beds
  • Light fixtures over patient beds and headwalls
  • Paint, tile and flooring
  • Side cabinets, recliners and chairs
  • Window coverings
  • Televisions

The goal of the project is to foster a healing atmosphere, prioritize patient well-being and ignite hope and resilience. Through soothing colors, gentle lighting and upgraded furnishings, each remodeled room will tell a story of strength and perseverance and ensure patients feel cared for and supported through their recovery.

The cost for the remodeling of one room is $10,000.