We understand that everyone has busy lives and schedules. Our online Patient eBilling has been developed to help you with that busy schedule. Paying your bills online is quick and easy. Plus, you can enroll to view your bills online, change your address and update your insurance information.

Additional Billing Information

The Bothwell Regional Health Center Patient Accounting staff is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your hospital bill, your insurance benefits, methods of payment, or our billing procedures.

To assist with common patient inquiries, we have provided you with additional information about the procedures in place.

You may also access our Price Transparency Estimator to estimate your out-of-pocket expenses for services and treatments based on your insurance status or visit the Price Transparency page for more information.

Ways to Pay Your Bill

Our billing statement includes an easy-to-read summary of all charges, payments, adjustments and the amount due. The statement also includes a paperless option to pay your bill.

If we have your phone number and email on file, you will also receive text messages, emails and phone calls with the option to receive your statement electronically.

These messages will allow you to:

  • Make a secure credit or debit card payment using your phone
  • Make a payment online using our secure website
  • Be transferred to a patient account representative located at the hospital to validate the message, provide more information, make a payment or otherwise take care of your account
  • Call us directly and use our automated payment system

This interactive, personalized and secure service can help make paying your bill easier and reduce collection activity for unpaid bills. You can always opt out or unsubscribe and keep receiving mailed statements.

We are committed to protecting your personal information. Whenever you are paying bills, you are using a secure connection that fully protects your information. Data you provide cannot be viewed by anyone else online, and we do not share your information with anyone else.

No Surprise Billing Act

In compliance with the No Surprise Billing Act, we want to provide you with as much information as possible to help navigate the health care financial experience. Please read our Notice Regarding Surprise Billing to review information regarding your rights and protections against surprise medical billing.

Charges Not Included in Your Hospital Bill

  • Fees for professional services of your attending physician
  • Fees for professional services of any consulting physician
  • Anesthesia professional fee
  • Emergency Room professional fee
  • Radiology professional fee
  • Pathology professional fee
  • Pain Clinic professional fee

These fees are billed separately by each professional group and statements are sent directly to you. You will notice that if you had anesthesia services, x-rays, laboratory tests, Pain Clinic services, mental health services or if you were seen in the Emergency Room you will be charged both from the hospital and from the respective professional group. The charge on the hospital bill represents use of our equipment and materials necessary to perform the tests.

The charges you receive from Bothwell Anesthesia Services, Clinical Radiological Consultants, Boyce and Bynum, Inc., Pain Clinic or the Emergency Room are their professional fees for administering, reading, reviewing your tests or caring for you in the Emergency Room.



We accept insurance assignments instead of payment once you have signed the “assignments of benefits” in favor of the hospital. Those charges not covered by insurance are due at the time you are discharged. The remaining portion of your bill will become your responsibility directly if insurance does not pay the hospital within 45 days from the date we file your claim. This includes cases involving litigation for settlement of the hospital account unless other arrangements have been made.


We accept insurance assignments for Medicare, Mo. Healthnet, Blue Cross & Commercial Insurance Carriers. All other patients receiving out-patient hospital services are requested to pay their bill at the time of service.

For payment questions

For payment questions, please call 660.826.8833.

Cash Accounts

If you do not carry hospital insurance, you should have made arrangements with your Patient Representative, before or at the time of discharge, for payment of your hospital account. If we missed seeing you, please contact your Patient Representative today.

We offer financial assistance for self-pay patients for services that are medically necessary but not for elective services. For more information, please visit the Financial Assistance page.

If you should have any questions about your hospital bill, please feel free to call us at 660.827.9418.

Other Charges

Laboratory, X-Ray, Anesthesia, Psychiatry and ER Physician Charges During Your Hospital Visit

In addition to and separate from the hospital charges, the radiologist, pathologist, psychiatry services, anesthesiologist and emergency room physicians and hospitalist will submit a bill for their professional fees for their services to you. Below is the contact information for each group if assistance is needed.

Additional Billing Information

The patient shall be granted impartial access to treatment regardless of age, race, color, national origin or disability.