At Bothwell, we not only care for our patients, we care about the communities we serve. That’s why we offer a variety of in-person and virtual educational classes and groups and online health information to help you navigate wherever you are in your health care journey. We also take continuous improvement seriously and regularly gather feedback from patients and others that helps us plan and implement changes that benefit everyone. Learn more about each of these areas below.

Classes and Support Groups

Whether you’re going to be new parents and have questions about the labor and delivery process and taking the best care of your newborn, are experiencing a cancer diagnosis, or undergoing a joint replacement, we can provide the assistance and answers you need. Visit the Classes and Support page to learn more.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Just as important as the services we provide is how well we’re doing our work. That’s why some patients may receive a phone call after their visit asking for feedback about their experience. This information, as well as the information we learn from a regular Community Health Needs Assessment, are crucial to improving our processes, shaping our services and informing the future of health care in the area. All of us strive every day to listen to the people we serve in order to provide high-quality safe care. Visit the Community Health Needs Assessment page to learn more.

Medicare Assistance

Missouri SHIP is the Missouri State Health Insurance Assistance Program that has a highly trained team of volunteers who offer free, unbiased assistance to help individuals looking for help navigating the Medicare program.

The Bothwell Foundation has a partnership with Missouri SHIP that allows you to make an appointment with them by calling 800.390.3330 or by clicking the MO SHIP button below. We encourage everyone to review their Medicare plan information annually, especially during open enrollment, which is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7.