Bothwell Chief Executive Officer appointed to Missouri Hospital Association board

Lori Wightman, CEO headshot

Bothwell Chief Executive Officer Lori Wightman was appointed to the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA) Board of Trustees to complete a vacated position that ends Dec. 31, 2022.

Founded in 1922, MHA is a nonprofit membership association that advocates for policies that improve health and health care in the state of Missouri and provides data, decision-support tools and operational resources to help hospitals and health systems deliver care.

MHA represents every acute care hospital in the state of Missouri, as well as most of the federal and state hospitals and rehabilitation and psychiatric care facilities. Since its creation, MHA has grown from 50 to more than 140 member hospitals. In addition to representation and advocacy on behalf of its members, the association seeks to educate its members, the public and the media, as well as legislative representatives, about health care issues.

“I am honored to serve on the Missouri Hospital Association Board of Trustees,” Wightman said. “I look forward to being on this board as a new association president starts and to help shape MHA’s future direction regarding the services offered and value provided to members.”

The primary functions of the MHA Board of Trustees are to make policy decisions and fiduciary oversight for the association. The board serves over the MHA Health Institute and the Hospital Industry Data Institute.

Wightman will complete her current term and will be eligible for election to a three-year term starting in 2023. Her role as a board member will be to help continue MHA’s focus on the many challenges faced by Missouri’s hospitals and health care systems.

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