Bothwell recognizes staff during National Nurses Week

Bothwell Regional Health Center recognized nominees and presented Nurse of the Year and Nursing Support Person of the Year awards on May 10 in recognition of National Nurses Week.

National Nurses Week highlights the contributions of nurses from all over the world. Each year, Nurses Week begins on May 6 and ends on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Bothwell’s theme this year was, “Nurses Rising Together.”

Nominees for Nurse of the Year must be a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Registered Nurse (RN) and have worked at Bothwell for at least one year. Nominees for Nursing Support Person of the Year are unlicensed patient support staff and may work in any nursing department and have worked at Bothwell for at least one year. They are nominated by their peers and are committed to providing exceptional nursing care and compassion to patients.

Margaret Benson is Bothwell’s 2024 Nurse of the Year and is a Registered Nurse in Bothwell’s 2 Southwest hospital unit. Her nominator said Benson shows compassion and care, is always willing to help and is an excellent communicator.

“Margaret is a rock star,” nominator said. “She is an amazing nurse who wears her heart on her sleeve. She cares for her patients like she would want her family cared for. She is the first one up when a bed alarm sounds, she takes time to fully explain things to patients and visitors and she is always willing to help. Margaret has been a nurse for a long time and is an amazing resource to our team.”

Additional nominees for Nurse of the Year included Clarissa Burke, Truman Lake Health Center; Katelyn Buxton, Progressive Care Unit; Reilly O’Shea, Progressive Care Unit; Heather Smith, Emergency Department; Kristy Musgrave, 2 Southwest; Megan Stamps, Progressive Care Unit; Kylie Musgrave, Progressive Care Unit; Mike Snow, Nursing Administration; Jeanne Waters, Surgery; Devin Lefevers, TLC Pediatrics; Melissa Knipp-Hall, Progressive Care Unit; Calla Wiegel, Critical Care Unit; and Keirsten Lorenz, Emergency Department.

Shelby Osburn, Emergency Department technician, is Bothwell’s Nursing Support Person of the Year. This award recognizes individuals who help nurses do their job and ranges from administrative assistance to security. Osburn was nominated for her willingness to jump in to help in an emergency situation, even when she’s off duty.

“Being a ward clerk in the Emergency Department is a difficult job as you’re expected to juggle a thousand things at a time and be aware of what is going on with every patient in your unit,” the nominator said. “Shelby knows her job inside and out, and whether she is off the clock or not, she jumps in to help her team with any emergency situation. Even when it feels like everything is on fire, she ensures everything is under control. Shelby is an excellent communicator, and when I have the pleasure of working with her, I know everything will run smoothly.”

Other nominees for Nursing Support Person of the Year included Kelly Crosswhite, Urology Services; Lyndzie Lansin, Progressive Care Unit; Shelby Bergman, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine; Katherine Paul, Same Day Surgery; Ana Pahau, 2 Southwest; Krista Yates, Nursing Administration; Justin McCarthy, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine; Brianna Welch, Emergency Department; and Courtney Staus, Pain Clinic.

Michele Laas, Bothwell’s Chief Nursing Officer, presented the awards to Benson and Osburn. She expressed her gratitude for the work of all nurses at Bothwell.

“I have worked in many hospitals and feel blessed to work at the best place in the universe,” Laas said. “What we have here is special. Each one of our nursing professionals makes a difference and impacts patients and their families every moment of every day. They rise up for their patients, for one another and for themselves to care for patients.”

Throughout Bothwell’s hospital and clinics, there are nearly 400 nursing professionals including nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, certified nurse assistants, constant observers, ED care techs and ward clerks.

Bothwell Regional Health Center honored nursing staff at its annual Nurse Awards ceremony. From left, Margaret Benson, RN, Nurse of the Year; Chief Nursing Officer Michele Laas; and Shelby Osburn, Emergency Department technician, Nursing Support Person of the Year.