Bothwell Regional Health Center Designated a Level III STEMI Center

Bothwell Regional Health Center is pleased to announce the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Time Critical Diagnosis Unit, has designated Bothwell as a Level III Missouri ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) Center through March 2024.

STEMI is a serious type of heart attack where one of the heart’s major arteries that supplies oxygen-rich blood to part of the heart muscle is blocked. Patients experiencing a STEMI need immediate emergency care to reopen the blocked artery and transported quickly to a STEMI Center.

STEMI centers must meet multiple standards to provide definitive and timely treatment for STEMI patients. These centers specialize in STEMI cases and ensure patients are diagnosed quickly.

Rose McMullin, RN, Chief Nursing Officer, said, “We are proud of our team at Bothwell for not only providing excellent care but becoming a designated STEMI Center for those in need of immediate emergency care.”

According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Time Critical Diagnosis Unit, Level III STEMI Centers play an important role in providing important patient care in non-metropolitan areas.

“Bothwell is here for patients and our communities,” said Lori Wightman, Bothwell CEO. “Achieving this certification shows our focus on improving heart attack care and saving more lives.”

Bothwell follows best practices in STEMI care, resulting in improved outcomes for patients experiencing this life-threatening emergency. If you or someone you know shows signs of a heart attack, contact 911 immediately. These signs can include pain or discomfort in the chest, arm or shoulder, shortness of breath, feeling lightheaded, nausea or vomiting, or jaw, neck or back pain.