Medicaid renewal reminder

MO HealthNet is Missouri’s Medicaid program that helps people with limited income and resources with their health care costs. During COVID-19, continuous reenrollment for Medicaid was implemented, meaning people who qualified for health care coverage through MO HealthNet kept their coverage for the past three years without having to renew annually.

As part of the CARES Act signed into law last December, Congress removed the continuous enrollment provision, and states were required to develop their own plans to again start checking the eligibility of all participants. Missouri’s Family Support Division (FSD), which is responsible for Medicaid applications and eligibility, started that process on April 1.

A Medicaid participant’s renewal date will typically be on the anniversary month of when they originally enrolled in the program, and failure to renew could mean someone may lose their insurance coverage. To report address changes to the Family Support Division, go online at, call 855.373.4636 or visit the Sedalia Family Support Division resource center at 808 Westwood.

Source: Missouri Department of Social Services