Bothwell Honors Outstanding Employees for 2018

Heather Kaneko, a registered nurse in the Progressive Care Unit at Bothwell Regional Health Center, was named the hospital’s 2018 Employee of the Year during its annual Employee Recognition Luncheon on May 15.

Bothwell’s Interim Chief Executive Officer Rose McMullin said Kaneko is known for her positive attitude and her clinical knowledge. “Heather is an excellent nurse,” McMullin said. “She’s a good leader who holds herself and those around her to a high standard. She’s also a very positive and upbeat person.”

Kaneko was selected from among the group of 12 Employees of the Month in 2018. The other nominees were Leslie Shapley, Margaret Benson, Sarah Plante, Christa Frame, Kaslyn Gail, Aaron Davis, Lizzy Ulmer, Rashel Golub, Jacey Etter, Lori Gano, and Christine Lloyd-Knipp.

BRHC also named the 2018 Nurse of the Year and Nursing Support Person of the Year during a National Nurses Week celebration held May 10 at the hospital.

Jordyn Mullins was named the 2018 Nurse of the Year. Mullins is a registered nurse in the hospital’s Critical Care Unit. McMullin said Mullins is a fantastic representative of the hospital through her professionalism, courtesy and competence.

“Jordyn knows that teamwork is what makes the hospital run, and she is always willing to put in the extra work to make sure everyone – her patients, their families and her coworkers – has a good day here at Bothwell,” McMullin said.

Kiwi Popyk-Wyatt, a medical social worker in the hospital’s Social Services Department, was selected Nursing Support Person of the Year. In her nomination, Popyk-Wyatt was praised for the compassionate care she brings to Bothwell patients.

“She not only helps with patient care during their hospital stay, but she also arranges any outpatient needs or at-home care,” the nomination said. “She is professional but honest with all of the patients and their families regarding plan of care.” McMullin said Popyk-Wyatt works extremely hard for her patients and for the hospital.