Bothwell Regional Health Center and PEAK Sport and Spine Join Forces to Expand Therapy Services

Bothwell Regional Health Center (BRHC) and PEAK Sport and Spine (PEAK) have joined forces to expand therapy services in Sedalia, Warsaw, Marshall and California, Missouri. The agreement is effective Sept. 1, 2017.

“After reviewing our therapy services at Bothwell, we determined our patients would benefit from having easier access to services if we collaborated with PEAK Sport and Spine, a well-respected provider of rehabilitation services throughout Missouri,” said Jimmy Robertson, chief executive officer at BRHC. “We continually seek out and evaluate these types of collaborations to bring added expertise and services to our patients.”

“PEAK has been operating in Sedalia for 10 years, and we are excited about the collaboration with Bothwell,” said Mike Trammell, clinic director at PEAK in Sedalia. “This will give us the opportunity to bring high-quality inpatient and outpatient therapy services to more individuals in this region including physical, occupational and cardiac therapy services.”

Larry Foster, president of the BRHC Board of Trustees, said the arrangement benefits the hospital and patients who receive therapy services. “As a board, we are constantly looking for opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes while being wise stewards of our resources,” Foster said. “By joining forces with PEAK, we accomplish both goals.

PEAK specializes in post-surgical rehabilitation, stroke rehabilitation, sports medicine therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, work injury prevention and rehabilitation services, treatment of many neurological conditions, cutting-edge manual therapy and hand rehabilitation therapy. The company has been providing physical therapy services since 1999 and has more than 50 clinics located throughout Missouri and across the country.