Top baby names of 2021 announced

Bothwell Regional Health Center is excited to announce its top baby names for 2021. Six girl and six boy names hold the title of most popular. The list was compiled from the most common names of the 361 babies born at Bothwell this year.

The most popular girl names were Olivia, Madelyn, Hannah, Paisley, Elaina and Lilly. Olivia was the only girl’s name to also appear on the 2020 top list. The most popular boy names for the year were Jackson, Lucas, Theodore, Elijah, Bryson and Sebastian, and no boy names were repeated from the 2020 list. Although these names were the most popular, 33 of the babies born at Bothwell in 2021 had unique names that were not duplicated within the hospital.

“It’s always fun to hear the different baby names, especially when there are so many unique names,” said Lori Wightman, Bothwell CEO. “We are humbled to play such an important role in welcoming future generations into our community.”

Only one girl’s name at Bothwell overlaps with the top 10 U.S. national trend list, which is Olivia. Lucas and Elijah are boy names that overlap with the national list.

New for 2022 babies and families, the Bothwell Foundation is gifting all new babies with a special “Delivered by Bothwell” baby blanket, packages of diapers and wipes, and safe sleep information.

“We thank the families for allowing Bothwell to be a part of their special moments this year,” Wightman said. “We look forward to meeting the babies of 2022.”