Bothwell Women’s Health Welcomes First Baby in Remodeled Birthing Suites

Bothwell Regional Health Center recently welcomed its first baby born in newly remodeled birthing suites in the hospital’s Women’s Health Department.

Everett O’Neil Ditto was born on June 11. He’s the son of Clyde and Candice Ditto of Sedalia. The hospital recently converted nine patient rooms into six larger rooms, with a new look and finishes. The Dittos were the first family to be guests in the remodeled rooms.

“It was so nice to finally have the rooms open and see the families enjoy them,” said Janet Bombella, director of Women’s Health at Bothwell. “All of the visitors were able to be in the room at the same time. With the smaller rooms, only a few visitors would fit at one time, and they had to take turns visiting.”

Bombella said the larger bathrooms in the rooms seem to be the biggest hit with expectant moms. “It’s like staying in a fancy hotel,” one expectant mom told Bombella. Another said the new suites are “like being in a spa.”

The rooms are designed so that families – new moms, dads and babies – can stay together during the entire birthing stay. A couch in the room folds out into a bed for dad, and everything that’s needed to care for the newborn are in the room, so new babies can stay with mom and dad.