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Alert System

We use BRHC Alert to communicate physical or cyber emergencies and weather situations at any facility to employees and other Bothwell stakeholders via email, text and/or phone messages.

Alert Updates

There are no updates at this time.

Alert Types Sent


Communication will be sent to all Bothwell employees for warnings for thunderstorms and tornadoes and other weather-related situations that impact lives and property.


Communication will be sent to all Bothwell employees about serious network breaches or for the following codes:

  • Yellow - Tornado
  • Silver - Armed violent intruder
  • Gray - Hostage situation
  • Purple - Bomb threat
  • Red - Fire
  • Pink - Infant or child abduction
  • Orange - Toxic spill or radiation
  • Lockdown notices
  • All-clear messages

BRHC Alerts will not be sent for green (combative patient/visitor) or blue (respiration/cardiac arrest) codes due to their frequencies.

Labor Pool Needs

BRHC Alerts will also be used to contact specific groups of employees needed for labor pool shortages to respond to internal emergencies or community disasters.

External Communication of Emergencies

When an emergency situation is communicated to employees via BRHC Alert, the following media outlets may be notified. Other media may be notified depending on the size and scope of the event.

Radio Stations

  • Sedalia
    • KDRO & KPOW, 1490-AM & 97.7-FM
    • KSIS/KSDL/KXKX, 1050-AM, 92.3-FM, 105.7 FM
  • Warsaw
    • KAYQ, 97.1-FM

Television Stations

  • Columbia
    • ABC-17, KMIZ
    • NBC-8, KOMU
  • Jefferson City
    • CBS-13, KRCG
  • Kansas City
    • CBS-KCTV-5


  • The Sedalia Democrat
  • Benton County Enterprise
  • Cole Camp Courier
  • Lincoln New Era
  • Windsor Review

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