NP/PA/Medical Student Clinical Rotation

Bothwell Regional Health Center is proud to be a teaching site for several programs in the area.

We are committed to providing a quality experience during your clinical rotations. At Bothwell, demonstrating kindness, dignity and respect is our patient care approach! We take pride in the quality of care provided in our hospital and clinics. We appreciate your interest in requesting a rotation with one of our physicians or providers in our clinic and hospital locations.

The primary care specialties that Bothwell may be able to host are Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and OB/GYN. For medical subspecialties and surgical specialties, please inquire.

Clinical Rotation Application Process

Due to the large volume of clinical rotation inquiries that we receive and to serve you best, we request that you complete our online Clinical Rotation Application. This application is strictly designed for Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant and Medical students. This application is not for CNA, MA or CRNA students.

  1. Submit the formal Bothwell Regional Health Center Clinical Rotation Application along with cover letter and CV/resume to
  2. Applications will be reviewed by the Clinical Rotation selection team
  3. Affiliation agreement with your school will be sought or verified
  4. Applications will be sent to the representative of the specialty sites you have requested for evaluation
  5. Availability of preceptors will be determined
  6. Clinical Rotation Team will contact you directly regarding the outcome of placement. Please note, this may take several weeks.
  7. Medical Staff Coordinator will obtain proper additional documents to secure your privileges and computer access, if needed
  8. Human Resources will request paperwork and health information

Important Points

  1. Please do not contact individual clinics or providers regarding rotation requests
  2. Submissions of applications do not guarantee placement for a clinical rotation
  3. Bothwell Regional Health Center and its affiliated clinics are drug-free and tobacco-free sites.