COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Information

Vaccinate with Confidence

Bothwell is here for the community, providing free Covid-19 primary and booster dose vaccines. Learn more on the Vaccine Information page.

COVID-19 Treatments

In response to high levels of the Covid-19 Omicron variant in our community, we opened on Jan. 11, 2022, a centralized Covid-19 outpatient management clinic at our Healing Arts Center. Dr. Gregory Doak is the physician practicing in the clinic and determining treatment for eligible patients.

The outpatient treatments include four medication options (oral pills or infusions) that can treat the Omicron variant with varying levels of effectiveness. People who have tested positive for Covid-19 must have a referral from their primary care provider and will no longer be able to self-refer for monoclonal antibody treatment by calling our infusion center.

Once a referral is provided, Dr. Doak will determine the best course of treatment based on patient eligibility, risk factors and availability of drugs. If you have received a positive test result, contact your primary care provider to ask for a referral for outpatient Covid treatment. For people who do not have a primary care provider, Dr. Doak will have limited appointments that can be made by calling 660.827.2730.

We ask for your patience with our processes as we start up this clinic, which will remain in place until more inventory of medication is received.

Last updated 1/11/2022

COVID-19 Testing Information

COVID-19 testing is available at Bothwell's Walk In Clinic Monday through Saturday and certain provider offices for people with virus signs and symptoms.

COVID-19 Visitor Policy

General Information

Visiting hours are 10 am to 6 pm, and visitors should enter the hospital through the main entrance and check in with Security. No visitors will be allowed for patients in the hospital or Emergency Department who are COVID-19 positive or awaiting test results. Exceptions may be made for care purposes, end-of-life, special circumstances or patients who are children.

Upon entering the hospital and clinics, all patients and visitors are required to properly wear or be given a medical-grade or higher mask and wear it throughout their visit regardless of vaccination status. To best protect against the highly transmissible Omicron variant, cloth masks are no longer allowed to be worn in the hospital or clinics. Visitors are encouraged to stay in the patient’s room. Visitors should practice good hand hygiene, social distancing and take precautions when in contact with others in addition to correct mask-wearing. People who feel ill or have virus-like symptoms should not visit patients in the hospital.

All visitors must be 16 years or older. Siblings of any age are allowed arranged 30-minute visits in Women's Health and Newborn Care.

Last updated Jan. 5, 2022

Inpatient Visitors

Two visitors are allowed per patient at a time in inpatient hospital units for non-Covid patients. Effective 10/14/2021

One designated visitor per stay for a mother/baby unit once they are in a postpartum room. This designated visitor is in addition to the support person who was with mom in labor and delivery. Readmitted newborns can have the birth parent and one additional support person. A designated time can be arranged with nursing to allow siblings a 30-minute visit.

Effective 8/16/2021

One visitor is allowed per patient in surgical units, which includes same-day surgery, general surgery and labor and delivery.

Effective 8/12/2021

Emergency Department

One visitor is allowed in the Emergency Department (ED). All other visitors will need to remain in their car. If a patient presents knowing they are Covid positive, no visitor will be allowed. If a patient has a rapid positive result, then visitors will be asked to leave and counseled they have had a high-risk exposure and should quarantine for 14 days.

Effective 10/14/2021