1930’s Social Club

The 1930’s Social Club recognizes individuals who make a minimum pledge of $5,000 paid over a maximum of five years.

You are invited to become a 1930’s Social Club member at the level and frequency you choose. Your contribution will help continue the tradition of health care excellence begun by John Homer Bothwell’s philanthropic gift in 1929.

Social Club logo

1930’s Social Club Levels and Recognition

All members of the 1930’s Social Club will be listed both on our digital donor display inside the hospital and in the foundation's annual report. In addition to having their names displayed on both a permanent donor display inside the hospital and in the foundation’s annual report, members are invited to exclusive recognition events each year for 1930’s Social Club members and other foundation and hospital events.

  • 1930’s Social Club - $5,000
  • 1930’s Gold Club - $10,000
  • 1930’s Platinum Club - $15,000
  • 1930’s Diamond Membership - $20,000

1930’s Social Club Committee

  • Scott and Lindsey Benbrook, Chairs
  • Mike and Chele Trammell
  • Jeff and Tenea Lowman
  • Reid and Libby Swearingen
  • Kyle and Roxy Herrick
  • Dr. Dan and Meghan Woolery

2022 1930’s Social Club Project

In 2021, there were 14,357 calls made to the Bothwell Security team that included 309 impairments from drugs or alcohol; 42 assaults; 29 use-of-force incidents; 102 combative patients; and 64 weapon seizures. On average, law enforcement was called two times a month for assistance with these calls.

The 1930’s Social Club is raising funds for a K9 Security Officer to be added to the Security team to help mitigate the rising threat of violence against our health care team.

Pros of a K9 Officer

  • Increased sense of safety for patients, visitors and staff
  • Positive PR for the hospital; education on violence in health care through community events
  • Use as a de-escalation technique
  • Reduction in use-of-force incidents
  • Recruitment

Project Cost $52,000

  • K9 and Training - $10,000–15,000
  • MSHP K9-equipped Vehicle -$30,000
  • K9 Health Care - $2,000
  • Miscellaneous (food, kennel, etc.) - $4,000–5,000