Service Excellence Initiative

OUR GOAL: Be the best choice to work, to practice, to receive care.

We have embarked on a three-year journey together to become the Provider of Choice and the Employer of Choice.

The Service Excellence Council serves as the central “hub” of information for the entire initiative and where the Service Excellence Advisors and OASIS teams will report progress. It is composed of 60% leadership and 40% frontline staff. One of its initial responsibilities is to develop a Service Recovery Policy. This document outlines the protocols to address and amend service failures, aiming to reinstate customer satisfaction and loyalty. It includes identifying the problem, issuing an apology, offering a resolution or compensation, and implementing preventative measures.

Michele Laas, Chair
Brad Nicholson, Vice Chair
Amber Allain, Oasis Super Coach
Mary Gardner, SEA Super Coach
Marvin Smoot, Provider Super Coach
Dianne Williams, Survey Super Coach
Becky Eldenburg, CLS Education Coordinator
Kiwi Popyk, Service Recovery Champion
Wendy Fairfax, Scribe
Rob Wideman, DO IT/Service Huddle Champion
Emma Little, Implementation Coordinator
Lori Wightman, CEO

OASIS (Organizationally Advanced Service Improvement System) teams will execute a single, organization-wide service improvement project. These teams include Referral and Onboarding, Retention, Keywords/Sentence Starters, Awards and Recognition, and Service Standards/Internal Support Services. They will meet at least once a month to advance their projects, which, at the year’s end, will be handed over to a designated person/department for ongoing management. Here are our OASIS team members.

Referral and Onboarding

Rudy Reyes, Team Captain
Lisa Irwin, Admin Team Liaison
Serena Cronk
Hollie Dubroc
Christy Goalder
Christel Harms
Terri McCarthy
Lauren Thiel-Payne


Kim Perez, Team Captain
Steve Davis, Admin Team Liaison
Bob Blacklock
Terri Deer
Jenny Force
Leslie Harris
Mike Snow
Cindy McKeon
Laura Weisenberger


Elizabeth Green, Team Captain
Dr. Phil Fracica, Admin Team Liaison
Rick Langdon
Lynh Best
Kim Cox
Sarah Hopper
Brenda Sprinkle
Jaclyn Webb

Service Standards/Internal Support

Diana O’Connor, Team Captain
Marvin Smoot, Admin Team Liaison
Kara Sheeley
Tony Labuary
Brianna Murray
Kaela Reeves
Maggie Schaffer
Natalie Sims
Mary Holloman

Awards and Recognition

Julie May, Team Captain
Marvin Smoot, Admin Team Liaison
Melanie Davis
Marc Dougherty
Tom Fairfax
Rachel Harris
Tammy Jackson
Natalie Paxson
Lucas Sheeley
Jennifer Unkel

Service Excellence Advisors are solely frontline staff. These individuals have received training and will teach other employees the necessary skills to understand our customers better, enhance communication, and provide all staff with empowerment tools. Let’s meet our SEAs!

Shawna Asbury
Margaret Benson
Debbie Billings
Savanna Bouldin
Carrie Brown
Kevin Butler
Toni Catron
Terrance Cline
Kristin Cloe
Kirsten Darrah
Mary Ditzfeld
Becky Duncan
Sherry Elliott
Megan Elwood
Teresa Frazier
Brittani Geml
Deanna Greer
Haylee Hageman
Cindy Harris
Crystal Hoyes
Shannon Jeffries

Tamara Johnson
Ashley Jones
Heather Kaneko
Patty King
Susan Lamb
Joleen Leonard
Brittainy Lindstrom
Ronald McClure
Kristen McCullough
Ronda McMullin
Christy Mitchell
Kimberly Murphy
Todd Nappe
Ashley O’Bannon
Rebekah Oehrke
Jason Pals
Katherine Paul
Kelsie Pirtle
Nathan Porter
Muffy Potts
Tina Propheter

Saudi Robbins
Cathy Seifner
Leslie Shapley
Cole Simoncic
Rebecca Starkey
Tasha Stokes
Jessica Sullins
Vlad Surguy
Katie Touchstone
Kassie Wehmeyer
Rochelle Werneke
Devin Wiley
Amber Yearout

Although only a fraction of the organization are members of these groups, a cultural shift such as this requires the participation of every employee.

Our community deserves care that is rated at FIVE STARS.
YOU deserve a workplace that you would rate at FIVE STARS.