Concussion Assessment


If you or your child has recently suffered a head injury, the experienced staff at Bothwell Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can objectively assess the injury using the EyeBOX®. The EyeBOX is the first FDA-authorized diagnostic aid for concussion that does not require a baseline test for children and adults aged 5 to 67. There are no language or age barriers to taking the assessment. Bothwell is the first health system in Missouri to add objective EyeBOX testing to concussion evaluation.

How Does EyeBOX Work?

  1. You watch an engaging 220-second video clip.
  2. The EyeBOX device watches your eye movements with a safe, high-frequency camera.
  3. The EyeBOX test produces a BOX score that provides valuable data about your condition.

The Only Objective Way to Assess Concussions

Eye movement is controlled by cranial nerves that are impeded by brain swelling that can occur with a sports injury or accident. The EyeBOX technology is based on subtle eye movement abnormalities that cannot be detected with a clinical examination.

During the test, the device collects and analyzes data to generate an individualized assessment called a BOX score. The numeric score is derived from the analysis of more than 100,000 data points collected during the exam and indicates whether abnormal eye movements are present. This objective data can help aid in the diagnosis of a concussion and suggest its severity.

Concussion Signs and Symptoms

Concussions affect everyone differently and may not appear until days after injury. Some symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, blurry vision, sensitivity to light, sleeping more or less than usual, irritability, anxiety, difficulty concentrating or memory problems.

Clinically Validated Technology

EyeBOX technology has been the subject of 10 peer-reviewed studies by researchers who are interested in advancing the science of concussion management.

Receiving an EyeBOX Assessment

If your provider in a clinic or the Emergency Department has determined you may have had a concussion, they will order the EyeBOX assessment and you will be scheduled for an appointment at Bothwell Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

The EyeBOX assessment should be conducted within one week of injury or accident.

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