Bothwell Expands Visitor Restrictions

5/24/2021 Update

Effective May 24, two visitors are allowed to visit mother/baby at a time once they are in a postpartum room. One visitor is still only allowed in Labor and Delivery.

3/18/2021 Update

Effective March 18, readmitted newborns can have the birth parent and one additional support person. Two designated visitors per mother/baby unit are now allowed in postpartum rooms during visiting hours. The restriction of only one support person allowed in Labor and Delivery is still in place.


Beginning Monday, March 1, Bothwell Regional Health Center will expand the number of people allowed to visit patients and increase visiting hours.

Visits will now be open to two visitors at a time per patient. Expanded visiting hours will be 10 am to 6 pm, and visitors are asked to enter the hospital through the main entrance. No visitors will be allowed for patients who are COVID-19 positive or awaiting test results.

Bothwell is also allowing one visitor at a time per patient in surgical areas, which include same-day surgery, general surgery and Labor and Delivery) and the Emergency Department (ED). Due to available ED lobby space and to maintain proper social distancing, additional visitors to the ED will be asked to remain in their cars.

At this time, due to the health and safety of our littlest patients, the Women’s Health and Newborn Care unit will continue to limit visitors to one support person. A designated time can be arranged with nursing to allow siblings a 30 minute visit.

Upon entering the hospital, all visitors are required to wear a mask or will be given a mask and asked to wear it throughout their visit. Visitors should practice good hand hygiene, social distancing and take precautions when in contact with others. People who feel ill or have virus-like symptoms should not visit patients in the hospital.

As COVID-19 vaccination efforts continue to expand, and the community has seen a positive decline in virus cases, Bothwell is able to relax visitor restrictions. However, visits may be limited for patients who are too sick or because of their health status.

The Bothwell Cafeteria remains closed to visitors.